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0003868ArchBugpublic2019-07-17 00:07
ReporteruwestoehrAssigned Touwestoehr 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version0.18 
Target Version0.19Fixed in Version 
Summary0003868: missing tooltips in the Arch preferences
DescriptionThis bug collects missing and unclear tooltips in the Arch preferences.

In the IFC preferences:

The following tooltips are missing:
- Create clones when objects have shared geometry
- Exclude list
- Export 2D objects as IfcAnnotations

Incomplete is the tooltip for:
- Use IfcOpenShell serializer if available

Typos are in:
- Import Ifc Properties in spreadsheet
  (should be "Import IFC properties in spreadsheet")



2019-02-28 00:42

developer   ~0012800

For information: Missing or incomplete tooltips will be denoted in the Wiki page:
as '??' until information is available. If so, I will post them to this bug report to be implemented in form of tooltips.


2019-02-28 00:50

developer   ~0012801

The tooltip
Store IFC universal ID in FreeCAD objects
seems to have a wrong name since in the IFC specs there is no universal ID but only a


2019-02-28 23:13

developer   ~0012812

In the DAE preferences:

The following tooltip is missing:
- Scaling factor

Outdated is the tooltip for:
- Mesher -> there is no preferences setting for the Mesh WB where Netgen can or must be enabled

Incomplete is the tooltip for:
- Grading -> The Netgen docs doesn't tell anything about grading or what this means. Maybe the option was renamed?


2019-05-12 19:13

administrator   ~0013098

Assigning to 0.19 milestone


2019-07-17 00:07

developer   ~0013354

The bug is fixed by this PR:

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