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Summary0003741: [macOS] Wrong coordinate calculation / visualisation when using Retina display
DescriptionThe drawn elements are wrongly shown relative to a background image when tracing elements of the image. This error only occurs on Retina displays!
Steps To ReproduceCreate a new document, switch to image mode and import an image. Switch to draft mode to trace the outlines of an image.
Additional InformationExample screen print attached.


related to 0003738 feedbackpeterl94 [macOS] Wrong display of icons in toolbar 
related to 0003739 feedbackpeterl94 [macOS] 2D objects (draft mode) cannot be edited by mouse on Retina display 



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There are a number of issues related to HiDPI monitors in FreeCAD regardless of the underlying OS. Some improvements were implemented during the Qt4->Qt5 transition but several are not simple fixes because supporting frameworks, such as Coin 3D, do not natively support HiDPI resolutions.

On macOS, the most effective work-around is to run FreeCAD in low-res support by using Finder->Get Info on /Applications/ and enable the "Open in Low Resolution" option.

LowResMode.jpg (193,258 bytes)
LowResMode.jpg (193,258 bytes)

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