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0003575TechDraw[FreeCAD] Featurepublic2019-03-04 13:55
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Summary0003575: TechDraw: Don't recompute on text changes



2018-10-05 12:46

developer   ~0011929

I don't understand this one. What text is being changed? Is Page KeepUpToDate property set to false to avoid recompute/redraw?


2019-02-21 04:39

reporter   ~0012709

The problem is the following: when we're making a technical draw of some machine, we need to specify a lot of components characteristics and names in order to make it easily understandable; in example the table of components, welding type, surface finishing and so forth; in the designing process we change continuously those characteristics and text, in this sense is annoying have to recompute a whole text if you only need to change a section of it: an incorrect letter or number, recompute a whole 50 components table for only one incorrect part. Try to make those texts individual boxes, like Inventor.


2019-02-23 13:36

developer   ~0012730

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This may be a SpreadsheetWB issue. See forum post


2019-03-03 14:09

administrator   ~0012829

@wmayer can you weigh in ?


2019-03-04 09:24

administrator   ~0012845

Is there an example project available to test the behaviour?


2019-03-04 13:55

developer   ~0012848

Here is the one I've been using. Still don't know what text the OP is changing.

ssRecompute.FCStd (20,581 bytes)

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