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0003420FreeCADBugpublic2019-06-22 15:32
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Summary0003420: SVG imports from inkscape lead to wrong dimensions
DescriptionWith the change from 0.91 to 0.92 inkscape devs changed the conversion factor of userunit (uu) and mm. Pre-0.92 it was 1uu=1 inch/90 and starting from 0.92 it is 1 uu=1inch/96. This was necessary to meet the actual recommendations/rules of svg-standard and css. See this article in inkscapewiki for further reading.

When a user creates a file in inkscape with absolute dimensions (mm) and saves it, then imports it into FC, bodies in Freecad come out with too large dimensions. For example - a 100mm square will be 106,66mm in FC now (100 x 96/90).

In this discussion in the German forum folks who can read German can follow the process of isotating the bug.

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Steps To ReproduceImport a SVG file from inkscape >=0.92 - check measures.
Tagsimport, Inkscape, SVG
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2018-04-03 15:38

administrator   ~0011114

Would it be possible to provide two very simle test files that would allow to check the results?


2018-04-04 08:12


Viereck-100x200-Rand0,1-inkscape092.svg (1,663 bytes)
Viereck-100x200-Rand0,1-inkscape048.svg (1,846 bytes)


2018-04-04 08:14

reporter   ~0011120

Here are inkscape test files. Unluckily, none of my FC versions are capable of SVG import at the moment, so I cannot provide FC test files. But importing both of these examples should lead to different squares, allthough both of them are 100x200mm in inkscape.


2018-04-04 14:07

administrator   ~0011121

Thanks! I'll have a look at this after the release is out.


2019-06-17 14:59

administrator   ~0013238

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