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0002831FreeCADBugpublic2017-01-08 22:34
ReportergfindernigAssigned Tonormandc 
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Product Version0.16 
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Summary0002831: Fusion fails with error message
DescriptionWhen fusing a cube to a fusion of 2 cubes operation fails and resulting object shows error message "Resulting shape is invalid"
Steps To ReproduceSee attached protocol "Action_Protocol.txt" and source file "BugReport_20170107.FCStd"
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2017-01-07 13:24

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2017-01-08 22:31

manager   ~0007574

This is a common problem with Boolean operations caused by FreeCAD's geometric modeling kernel (OCC). It's bad practice to apply Booleans on objects that share many coplanar and coincident faces.

This issue is explained here, it's written for OpenSCAD but relevant to FreeCAD:

As explained in the "READ THIS BEFORE REPORTING" link, you should have posted first in the FreeCAD forum to avoid filling the bug tracker with known and unfixable issues that already have easy workarounds.


2017-01-08 22:34

manager   ~0007575

This issue has been mentioned repeated times on the forum, it's due to the OCC kernel over which the FreeCAD team has no control. It's easily worked around by slightly changing the modelling method and/or the order of Booleans. The forum is the place to ask for such matters.

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