Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
0003913: [Bug] libspnav crash on linux wayland during startup
0001792: [Feature] Move Export 3D SVG From Export To Tools Menu
0003796: [Bug] Shortcuts "V1" .. "V7" to change the "Draw-Style" didn't work in sketch view
0003254: [Feature] Wrong paths to fonts occur when you exchange models between different systems. An 'Embed' option would be useful
0003746: [Bug] inconsistent constrain tool behaviour
0003786: [Feature] Ability to cycle between selectable objects (using a keyboard shortcut)
0003774: [Merge request] Support of QtWebEngine as alternative to QtWebkit
0003710: [Feature] Placement should remember "Apply incremental changes" checkbox setting
0003717: [Bug] FreeCAD AppImage fails to start: failed to create drawable
0003498: [Feature] Preference categories not showing up if specific workbench has not been visited
0002821: [Patch] IDF Import of Step Models
0003554: [Bug] fillet fails on cut torus
0003904: [Bug] Draft _ Delete objects while command is active
0003896: [Feature] Dependency Graph: Panning
0001818: [Bug] Bool Op representation error
0003768: [Bug] Losing Origin and/or Geofeatures
0002041: [Bug] FreeCAD crashes warns when applying thickness "BRepAlgo_Image::Bind"
0002652: [Bug] Display glitch: transparent cylinder in foreground only shown as wireframe when mouse over a transparent box in the background
0003081: [Feature] MacOS application crashes should generate Diagnostic Reports
0003536: [Bug] Sketcher Issue while using Windows high constrast mode
0000495: [Bug] Inconsistent translations for workbench names
0003884: [Patch] Add information about desktop environment in FC info (wmayer)
0001294: [Feature] Configure light sources (wmayer)
0001971: [Feature] Boolean Operations With Multiple Arguments (wmayer)
0001954: [Bug] Set colors doesn't work on objects that have edit mode reimplemented (wmayer)
0001756: [Feature] Show all currently assigned Keyboard Shortcuts with commands as list (wmayer)
0002956: [Feature] wishlist: use $XDG_DATA_HOME/freecad for system.cfg and user.cfg (wmayer)
0003844: [Bug] PVS: The pointer was not released in destructor. A memory leak is possible. (wmayer)
0003393: [Feature] Configuration wizard when launching FreeCAD for the first time
0000494: [Feature] Objects names in Label & Attributes Tree View should be translatable (wmayer)
0003420: [Bug] SVG imports from inkscape lead to wrong dimensions (yorik)
0001823: [Bug] Working plane not reset under Arch when making new project (yorik)
0003130: [Bug] FreeCAD 0.17 Qt5 bugs with external display (wmayer)
0003861: [Bug] Sketch change plane when changing Attachment Offset (UI quirk) (wmayer)
0002868: [General] Port QtWebKit to QtWebEngine
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Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
0003487: [Feature] Add ability to copy objects with expressions linked to spreadsheet
0003696: [General] Constraints lose values upon reloading file.
0002766: [Bug] Expression link is cuting by creating new object (eivindkvedalen)
0003379: [Bug] Certain names (eivindkvedalen)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
0003901: [General] Many English strings that aren't translated in FEM workbench
0003902: [General] Translation: "displacement" in ship.ts and fem.ts have different meaning and need differentiation in the sourcecode
0003906: [Bug] missing feedback when exporting to FEM mesh formats (berndhahnebach)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
0002677: [Feature] Extend TopoShape API with topology traversing functionality
0000122: [Feature] Part reference element
0002508: [Bug] Lofting edges get swapped over
0001288: [Feature] Edit Mode for Part::Spline (wmayer)
0002842: [Bug] Crash on "Face from Edges" (peterl94)
0003407: [Feature] Provide Attachment mode perpendicular to an existing plane
0002700: [Bug] Part Offset2D fill offset problems
0002034: [Bug] Measurement arrowheads are ridiculously out of proportion at some scales/zooms/measurements. (yorik)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
0003914: [Bug] Path Stock using Existing Solid not maintaining state
0003481: [Feature] Allow use of Draft Picker to set start points in paths.
0003346: [Feature] Provide run0time estimation for Path operations and jobs
0002916: [Feature] Add knife align up function to locate knife at begining cut precisely
0002606: [Feature] need an R to IJ conversion function for preprocessors
0003336: [Feature] Tool Data Struture, Library, and Editor overhaul
0003099: [Feature] Tapping (sliptonic)
0003570: [Feature] PATH: Facing Operations with large tools
0002660: [Feature] Improving path surfacing object feature
0002840: [Feature] Dragknife dressup needs editor and preferences (sliptonic)
0002839: [Feature] Dogbone dressup needs visualisation and preferences (mlampert)
0003750: [Bug] LeadInOutDressup does not work for circles
0003480: [Bug] Lead in/out dressup produces poor paths on operations with multiple start points.
0003464: [Feature] Need an improved import pre-processor for external gcode
       0003463: [Bug] Imported Path prevents creation of tool controller
0002812: [Feature] Dressup to remap gcode based on probe data. (sliptonic)
0003542: [Bug] Clean up import/export UI (sliptonic)
0003452: [Feature] add shade effect to task panel sections to simplify (sliptonic)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
0002457: [General] Add an option in Raytracing preferences to toggle between adding hard coded presets or not (yorik)
0001953: [Feature] Support meshes in Raytracing module (yorik)
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Scheduled For Release 2019-12-31
0003345: [Feature] Provide Alignment Guidelines On Drawing Page
0003692: [Feature] Add Centermark for Circular BSplines
0003574: [Feature] TechDraw: Highlight individual lines
0003573: [Feature] TechDraw - Hide individual lines in the drawing
0003603: [Feature] Preserve sketch colors in DXF exports
0003604: [Feature] Dimension drawings are exported into DXF wrongly
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