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0004131: [Bug] Import spreadsheet into TechDraw, looses properties (wandererfan)
0004103: [Bug] Black screen when using rubberband selection (wmayer)
0004125: [Bug] MDIViews not accessible corerctly (wmayer)
0003912: [Bug] freecad 0.18 fails to build against Python3 and Qt5
0003936: [General] When property (combo view) data is modified the enter key does not work correctly.
0004088: [Bug] Visibility of origin feature of Part container changes when undocking the 3d view (wmayer)
0003130: [Bug] FreeCAD 0.17 Qt5 bugs with external display (wmayer)
0003986: [Bug] Changing view attributes does not trigger "File changed" status (wmayer)
0004062: [Bug] Incorrect behavior with Euler angles in Placement dialog (wmayer)
0004063: [Feature] Tab with FCMacro show full path
0003841: [Feature] Mesh WB: missing feature to specify preferred default settings for mesh creation (wmayer)
0003648: [Feature] Allow the user to manually move the tabs in the main window (triplus)
0002973: [Bug] Path to can't contain unicode (in Python2 based install) (chrisb)
0003979: [Bug] Pocket with mode "up to face" doesn't work correctly (wmayer)
0004000: [Feature] Ability to suppress console output when running under python (wmayer)
0003969: [Bug] OSX: Spaces in path to FreeCAD program not supported (chrisb)
0003962: [Bug] Mesh section with plane uses wrong rotation when mesh is previously rotated (wmayer)
0002495: [Feature] Add tool to Image Workbench to easily scale images. (chrisb)
0003774: [Merge request] Support of QtWebEngine as alternative to QtWebkit
0003884: [Patch] Add information about desktop environment in FC info
0003861: [Bug] Sketch change plane when changing Attachment Offset (UI quirk) (wmayer)
0002868: [General] Port QtWebKit to QtWebEngine
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Not Yet Released
0003852: [Bug] generic VTK warning about deprecated feature (looo)
0004027: [Bug] Material settings can not be edited in FEM workbench (Kunda1)
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0003950: [General] when you change sphere settings in part it doesn't refresh when pressing enter
0003890: [Bug] missing tooltips in the Part preferences
0004010: [Bug] Box Selection + Part -> MakeCompound will crash FreeCAD (wmayer)
0003885: [Bug] Part WB: Copy/paste error in preferences tooltips
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0004022: [Bug] Tool library "New Tool" (dubstar_04)
0003982: [Bug] base object jumps out of position while trying to create a pocket operation (russ4262)
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0003573: [Feature] TechDraw - Hide individual lines in the drawing (wandererfan)
0003574: [Feature] TechDraw: Highlight individual lines (wandererfan)
0003965: [Bug] Frame/Vertex Toggle Doesn't Alway Work (wandererfan)
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