shipCreateWeight.Tools Namespace Reference


def createWeight (shapes, ship, density)

Function Documentation

def shipCreateWeight.Tools.createWeight (   shapes,
Create a new weight instance

Position arguments:
shapes -- List of shapes of the weight
ship -- Ship owner
density -- Density of the object. 4 possibilities are considered here:
    * Density as Mass/Volume: then the weight will be considered as a
    volumetric object. Used for blocks or similar.
    * Density as Mass/Area: then the weight will be considered as an area
    element. Used for structural shells.
    * Density as Mass/Length: then the weight will be cosidered as a linear
    element. Used for linear structural reinforcements.
    * Mass: Then a punctual mass will be considered. Used for complex
    weights, like engines or other machines.

Returned value:
The new weight object

It is strongly recommended to pass just shapes matching with the provided
density, e.g. don't use volumetric shapes with a linear density value (kg/m)

The tool will claim the new weight as a child of the ship object. Please do
not remove the partner ship object before removing this new weight before.