ArchRebar Namespace Reference

The Rebar object and tools. More...


def makeRebar (baseobj=None, sketch=None, diameter=None, amount=1, offset=None, name="Rebar")

Detailed Description

The Rebar object and tools.

This module provides tools to build Rebar objects. Rebars (or Reinforcing Bars) are metallic bars placed inside concrete strutures to reinforce them.

Function Documentation

def ArchRebar.makeRebar (   baseobj = None,
  sketch = None,
  diameter = None,
  amount = 1,
  offset = None,
  name = "Rebar" 
makeRebar([baseobj,sketch,diameter,amount,offset,name]): adds a Reinforcement Bar object
to the given structural object, using the given sketch as profile.

References DraftGeomUtils.filletWire(), ArchCommands.fixDAG(), ArchCommands.getDefaultColor(), Draft.getType(), DraftVecUtils.isNull(), ArchCommands.projectToVector(), Draft.QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP(), DraftVecUtils.scaleTo(), and DraftGeomUtils.vec().