importDAE Namespace Reference

DAE (Collada) file format importer and exporter. More...


def checkCollada ()
def decode (name)
def export (exportList, filename, tessellation=1)
def insert (filename, docname)
def open (filename)
def read (filename)
def triangulate (shape)


bool DEBUG = True

Detailed Description

DAE (Collada) file format importer and exporter.

This module provides tools to import and export Collada (.dae) files.

Function Documentation

def importDAE.checkCollada ( )

Referenced by export(), insert(), and open().

def importDAE.decode (   name)

Referenced by open().

def importDAE.export (   exportList,
  tessellation = 1 
def importDAE.insert (   filename,

References checkCollada(), and read().

def (   filename)

References checkCollada(), decode(), and read().

def (   filename)

Referenced by insert(), and open().

def importDAE.triangulate (   shape)

Variable Documentation

bool importDAE.DEBUG = True