C++ workbenches

Those are workbenches programmed primarily in C++. More...


 Manages output of 2D sheets from FreeCAD documents.
 Finite Elements Analysis workbench.
 Tools and utilities to work with bitmap images.
 Tools to work with polygon meshes.
 Part to Mesh (and vice-versa) conversion tools.
 Main anchor point with OpenCasCade functionality, base geometry tools.
 Complete suite of tools to design Parts based on Sketches.
 Tools to generate CNC toolpaths and G-Code.
 Tools to work with point clouds.
 Provides tools to generate rendered images using external renderers.
 Generate Part shapes from Mesh and Points based objects.
 Simulates 6-axis robot movements.
 Constrained 2D objects.
 The start page of FreeCAD.
 Framework to produce 2D drawing from FreeCAD documents.
 Test framework of FreeCAD.
 The webkit-based web browser of FreeCAD.

Detailed Description

Those are workbenches programmed primarily in C++.

They usually provide a Python API as well.