GUI elements and utilities of the Draft workbench. More...


class  DraftDockWidget
class  DraftLineEdit
class  DraftTaskPanel
class  DraftToolBar
class  FacebinderTaskPanel
class  todo


def displayExternal (internValue, decimals=None, dim='Length', showUnit=True, unit=None)
def getDefaultUnit (dim)
def makeFormatSpec (decimals=4, dim='Length')
def translate (context, text)



Detailed Description

GUI elements and utilities of the Draft workbench.

This module provides GUI tools for the Draft workbench, such as toolbars and task panels, and Qt-dependent utilities such as a delayed (todo) commit system

Function Documentation

def DraftGui.displayExternal (   internValue,
  decimals = None,
  dim = 'Length',
  showUnit = True,
  unit = None 
return an internal value (ie mm) Length or Angle converted for display according 
to Units Schema in use. Unit can be used to force the value to express in a certain unit

Referenced by DraftGui.DraftToolBar.changeAngleValue(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar.changeLengthValue(), DraftGui.DraftToolBar.displayPoint(), and DraftGui.DraftToolBar.setRadiusValue().

def DraftGui.getDefaultUnit (   dim)
return default Unit of Measure for a Dimension based on user preference
Units Schema

Referenced by makeFormatSpec().

def DraftGui.makeFormatSpec (   decimals = 4,
  dim = 'Length' 
return a % format spec with specified decimals for a specified 
dimension based on on user preference Units Schema

References getDefaultUnit().

Variable Documentation