ArchComponent Namespace Reference

The base class of all Arch objects. More...


class  ArchSelectionObserver
class  Component
class  ComponentTaskPanel
class  SelectionTaskPanel
class  ViewProviderComponent


def addToComponent (compobject, addobject, mod=None)
def removeFromComponent (compobject, subobject)


list Roles

Detailed Description

The base class of all Arch objects.

This module provides the base Arch component class, that is shared by all of the Arch BIM objects

Function Documentation

def ArchComponent.addToComponent (   compobject,
  mod = None 
addToComponent(compobject,addobject,mod): adds addobject
to the given component. Default is in "Additions", "Objects" or
"Components", the first one that exists in the component. Mod
can be set to one of those attributes ("Objects", Base", etc...)
to override the default.

References Draft.getType().

Referenced by ArchComponent.ComponentTaskPanel.addElement(), and ArchSectionPlane.SectionPlaneTaskPanel.addElement().

def ArchComponent.removeFromComponent (   compobject,
removeFromComponent(compobject,subobject): subtracts subobject
from the given component. If the subobject is already part of the
component (as addition, subtraction, etc... it is removed. Otherwise,
it is added as a subtraction.

References Draft.getType(), Draft.isClone(), and ArchCommands.setAsSubcomponent().

Referenced by ArchComponent.ComponentTaskPanel.removeElement(), and ArchSectionPlane.SectionPlaneTaskPanel.removeElement().

Variable Documentation

list ArchComponent.Roles
Initial value:
1 = ['Undefined','Beam','Chimney','Column','Covering','Curtain Wall',
2  'Door','Foundation','Furniture','Hydro Equipment','Electric Equipment',
3  'Member','Plate','Railing','Ramp','Ramp Flight','Rebar','Pile','Roof','Shading Device','Slab','Space',
4  'Stair','Stair Flight','Tendon','Wall','Wall Layer','Window']