importCSG Namespace Reference


def addString (t, s, p)
def addValue (t, v, p)
def center (obj, x, y, z)
def CGALFeatureObj (name, children, arguments=[])
def convert_points_list_to_vector (l)
def fuse (lst, name)
def insert (filename, docname)
def make_face (v1, v2, v3)
def myPolygon (n, r1)
def open (filename)
def p_2d_point (p)
def p_3d_point (p)
def p_anymodifier (p)
def p_block_list_ (p)
def p_boolean (p)
def p_circle_action (p)
def p_color_action (p)
def p_cube_action (p)
def p_cylinder_action (p)
def p_difference_action (p)
def p_error (p)
def p_group_action1 (p)
def p_group_action2 (p)
def p_hull_action (p)
def p_import_file1 (p)
def p_intersection_action (p)
def p_keywordargument (p)
def p_keywordargument_list (p)
def p_linear_extrude_with_twist (p)
def p_matrix (p)
def p_minkowski_action (p)
def p_multmatrix_action (p)
def p_not_supported (p)
def p_operation (p)
def p_part (p)
def p_path_list (p)
def p_path_points (p)
def p_path_set (p)
def p_points_list_2d (p)
def p_points_list_3d (p)
def p_polygon_action_nopath (p)
def p_polygon_action_plus_path (p)
def p_polyhedron_action (p)
def p_projection_action (p)
def p_render_action (p)
def p_rotate_extrude_action (p)
def p_rotate_extrude_file (p)
def p_size_vector (p)
def p_sphere_action (p)
def p_square_action (p)
def p_statement (p)
def p_statementwithmod (p)
def p_stripped_string (p)
def p_surface_action (p)
def p_text_action (p)
def p_union_action (p)
def p_vector (p)
def placeholder (name, children, arguments)
def process_import_file (fname, ext, layer)
def process_linear_extrude (obj, h)
def process_linear_extrude_with_twist (base, height, twist)
def process_mesh_file (fname, ext)
def process_rotate_extrude (obj)
def processcsg (filename)
def processDXF (fname, layer)
def processSTL (fname)
def processTextCmd (t)
def translate (context, text)


bool gui = True
 params = FreeCAD.ParamGet("User parameter:BaseApp/Preferences/Mod/OpenSCAD")
bool printverbose = False
 pythonopen = open

Function Documentation

def importCSG.addString (   t,

Referenced by p_text_action().

def importCSG.addValue (   t,

Referenced by p_text_action().

def (   obj,
def importCSG.CGALFeatureObj (   name,
  arguments = [] 
def importCSG.convert_points_list_to_vector (   l)
def importCSG.insert (   filename,
def importCSG.make_face (   v1,

Referenced by p_polyhedron_action().

def importCSG.myPolygon (   n,

Referenced by p_cylinder_action().

def (   filename)

References processcsg().

def importCSG.p_2d_point (   p)
def importCSG.p_3d_point (   p)
def importCSG.p_anymodifier (   p)
anymodifier : MODIFIERBACK
               | MODIFIERDEBUG
               | MODIFIERROOT
               | MODIFIERDISABLE
def importCSG.p_block_list_ (   p)
block_list : statement
           | block_list statement
           | statementwithmod
           | block_list statementwithmod
def importCSG.p_boolean (   p)
boolean : true
        | false
def importCSG.p_circle_action (   p)
def importCSG.p_color_action (   p)
def importCSG.p_cube_action (   p)

References center().

def importCSG.p_cylinder_action (   p)
def importCSG.p_difference_action (   p)

References fuse(), and placeholder().

def importCSG.p_error (   p)
def importCSG.p_group_action1 (   p)

References fuse().

def importCSG.p_group_action2 (   p)
def importCSG.p_hull_action (   p)

References CGALFeatureObj().

def importCSG.p_import_file1 (   p)

References process_import_file().

def importCSG.p_intersection_action (   p)

References placeholder().

def importCSG.p_keywordargument (   p)
keywordargument : ID EQ boolean
| ID EQ size_vector
| ID EQ vector
| ID EQ 2d_point
| text EQ stripped_string
| ID EQ stripped_string
def importCSG.p_keywordargument_list (   p)
keywordargument_list : keywordargument
           | keywordargument_list COMMA keywordargument
def importCSG.p_linear_extrude_with_twist (   p)
def importCSG.p_matrix (   p)
def importCSG.p_minkowski_action (   p)
minkowski_action : minkowski LPAREN keywordargument_list RPAREN OBRACE block_list EBRACE

References CGALFeatureObj().

def importCSG.p_multmatrix_action (   p)

References fuse(), and placeholder().

def importCSG.p_not_supported (   p)
not_supported : glide LPAREN keywordargument_list RPAREN OBRACE block_list EBRACE
              | offset LPAREN keywordargument_list RPAREN OBRACE block_list EBRACE
              | resize LPAREN keywordargument_list RPAREN OBRACE block_list EBRACE
              | subdiv LPAREN keywordargument_list RPAREN OBRACE block_list EBRACE

References placeholder(), and translate().

def importCSG.p_operation (   p)
operation : difference_action
          | intersection_action
          | union_action
          | rotate_extrude_action
          | linear_extrude_with_twist
          | rotate_extrude_file
          | import_file1
          | surface_action
          | projection_action
          | hull_action
          | minkowski_action
def importCSG.p_part (   p)
part : sphere_action
     | cylinder_action
     | cube_action
     | circle_action
     | square_action
     | text_action
     | polygon_action_nopath
     | polygon_action_plus_path
     | polyhedron_action
def importCSG.p_path_list (   p)
def importCSG.p_path_points (   p)
path_points : NUMBER COMMA
            | path_points NUMBER COMMA
            | path_points NUMBER
def importCSG.p_path_set (   p)
path_set : path_list
         | path_set COMMA path_list
def importCSG.p_points_list_2d (   p)
points_list_2d : 2d_point COMMA
               | points_list_2d 2d_point COMMA
               | points_list_2d 2d_point
def importCSG.p_points_list_3d (   p)
points_list_3d : 3d_point COMMA
           | points_list_3d 3d_point COMMA
           | points_list_3d 3d_point
def importCSG.p_polygon_action_nopath (   p)
def importCSG.p_polygon_action_plus_path (   p)
def importCSG.p_polyhedron_action (   p)
polyhedron_action : polyhedron LPAREN points EQ OSQUARE points_list_3d ESQUARE COMMA faces EQ OSQUARE points_list_3d ESQUARE COMMA keywordargument_list RPAREN SEMICOL
                  | polyhedron LPAREN points EQ OSQUARE points_list_3d ESQUARE COMMA triangles EQ OSQUARE points_list_3d ESQUARE COMMA keywordargument_list RPAREN SEMICOL

References make_face().

def importCSG.p_projection_action (   p)

References fuse(), placeholder(), and translate().

def importCSG.p_render_action (   p)
def importCSG.p_rotate_extrude_action (   p)

References fuse(), and process_rotate_extrude().

def importCSG.p_rotate_extrude_file (   p)
def importCSG.p_size_vector (   p)
def importCSG.p_sphere_action (   p)
def importCSG.p_square_action (   p)

References center().

def importCSG.p_statement (   p)
statement : part
             | operation
             | multmatrix_action
             | group_action1
             | group_action2
             | color_action
             | render_action
             | not_supported
def importCSG.p_statementwithmod (   p)
statementwithmod : anymodifier statement
def importCSG.p_stripped_string (   p)
def importCSG.p_surface_action (   p)

References center().

def importCSG.p_text_action (   p)
def importCSG.p_union_action (   p)

References fuse().

def importCSG.p_vector (   p)
def importCSG.placeholder (   name,
def importCSG.process_import_file (   fname,
def importCSG.process_linear_extrude (   obj,
def importCSG.process_linear_extrude_with_twist (   base,
def importCSG.process_mesh_file (   fname,

Referenced by process_import_file().

def importCSG.process_rotate_extrude (   obj)
def importCSG.processcsg (   filename)

References pythonopen.

Referenced by insert(), and open().

def importCSG.processDXF (   fname,

Referenced by process_import_file().

def importCSG.processSTL (   fname)
def importCSG.processTextCmd (   t)

Referenced by p_text_action().

def importCSG.translate (   context,

Variable Documentation

bool importCSG.gui = True
importCSG.params = FreeCAD.ParamGet("User parameter:BaseApp/Preferences/Mod/OpenSCAD")
importCSG.printverbose = False
importCSG.pythonopen = open

Referenced by processcsg().