importWebGL Namespace Reference

WebGL file format exporter. More...


def export (exportList, filename)
def getCameraData ()
def getHTML (objectsList)
def getObjectData (obj, wireframeMode=wireframeStyle)


 cameraPosition = None
 FreeCADGui = None
int linewidth = 1
 pythonopen = open
string tab = " "
string template
string wireframeStyle = "faceloop"

Detailed Description

WebGL file format exporter.

This module provides tools to export HTML files containing the exported objects in WebGL format and a simple three.js-based viewer.

Function Documentation

def importWebGL.export (   exportList,

References getHTML(), and pythonopen.

def importWebGL.getCameraData ( )

Referenced by getHTML().

def importWebGL.getHTML (   objectsList)

References getCameraData(), and getObjectData().

Referenced by export().

def importWebGL.getObjectData (   obj,
  wireframeMode = wireframeStyle 
returns the geometry data of an object as three.js snippet. wireframeMode
can be multimaterial, faceloop or None

References Draft.getrgb().

Referenced by getHTML().

Variable Documentation

importWebGL.cameraPosition = None
importWebGL.FreeCADGui = None
int importWebGL.linewidth = 1
importWebGL.pythonopen = open

Referenced by export().

string = " "
string importWebGL.template
string importWebGL.wireframeStyle = "faceloop"