ArchSpace Namespace Reference

The Space object and tools. More...


class  SpaceTaskPanel


def addSpaceBoundaries (space, subobjects)
def makeSpace (objects=None, baseobj=None, name="Space")
def removeSpaceBoundaries (space, objects)


list ConditioningTypes
list Roles = ["Space"]
list SpaceTypes

Detailed Description

The Space object and tools.

This module provides tools to build Space objects. Spaces define an open volume inside or outside a building, ie. a room.

Function Documentation

def ArchSpace.addSpaceBoundaries (   space,
addSpaceBoundaries(space,subobjects): adds the given subobjects to the given space

References Draft.getType().

def ArchSpace.makeSpace (   objects = None,
  baseobj = None,
  name = "Space" 
makeSpace([objects]): Creates a space object from the given objects. Objects can be one
document object, in which case it becomes the base shape of the space object, or a list of
selection objects as got from getSelectionEx(), or a list of tuples (object, subobjectname)
def ArchSpace.removeSpaceBoundaries (   space,

Variable Documentation

list ArchSpace.ConditioningTypes
Initial value:
1 = [
2 "Unconditioned",
3 "Heated",
4 "Cooled",
5 "HeatedAndCooled",
6 "Vented",
7 "NaturallyVentedOnly"
8 ]
list ArchSpace.Roles = ["Space"]
list ArchSpace.SpaceTypes