ArchSectionPlane Namespace Reference

The Section plane object and tools. More...


class  SectionPlaneTaskPanel


def getCutShapes (objs, section, showHidden)
def getDXF (obj)
def getSVG (section, allOn=False, renderMode="Wireframe", showHidden=False, showFill=False, scale=1, linewidth=1, fontsize=1, techdraw=False, rotation=0)
def makeSectionPlane (objectslist=None, name="Section")
def makeSectionView (section, name="View")

Detailed Description

The Section plane object and tools.

This module provides tools to build Section plane objects. It also contains functionality to produce SVG rendering of section planes, to be used in TechDraw and Drawing modules

Function Documentation

def ArchSectionPlane.getCutShapes (   objs,
def ArchSectionPlane.getDXF (   obj)
def ArchSectionPlane.getSVG (   section,
  allOn = False,
  renderMode = "Wireframe",
  showHidden = False,
  showFill = False,
  scale = 1,
  linewidth = 1,
  fontsize = 1,
  techdraw = False,
  rotation = 0 
getSVG(section,[allOn,renderMode,showHidden,showFill,scale,linewidth,fontsize]) : 
returns an SVG fragment from an Arch section plane. If
allOn is True, all cut objects are shown, regardless if they are visible or not.
renderMode can be Wireframe (default) or Solid to use the Arch solid renderer. If
showHidden is True, the hidden geometry above the section plane is shown in dashed line.
If showFill is True, the cut areas get filled with a pattern

References getCutShapes(), Draft.getGroupContents(), Draft.getSVG(), Draft.getType(), and Draft.removeHidden().

def ArchSectionPlane.makeSectionPlane (   objectslist = None,
  name = "Section" 
makeSectionPlane([objectslist]) : Creates a Section plane objects including the
given objects. If no object is given, the whole document will be considered.
def ArchSectionPlane.makeSectionView (   section,
  name = "View" 
makeSectionView(section) : Creates a Drawing view of the given Section Plane
in the active Page object (a new page will be created if none exists

References Draft.getParam().