importDWG Namespace Reference

DWG file importer & exporter. More...


def convertToDwg (dxffilename, dwgfilename)
def convertToDxf (dwgfilename)
def export (objectslist, filename)
def getTeighaConverter ()
def insert (filename, docname)
def open (filename)


 pythonopen = open

Detailed Description

DWG file importer & exporter.

This module provides support for importing and exporting Autodesk DWG files. This module is only a thin layer that uses the Teigha Converter application to convert to/from DXF. Then the real work is done by importDXF

Function Documentation

def importDWG.convertToDwg (   dxffilename,

References getTeighaConverter().

Referenced by export().

def importDWG.convertToDxf (   dwgfilename)

References getTeighaConverter().

Referenced by insert(), and open().

def importDWG.export (   objectslist,
def importDWG.getTeighaConverter ( )

Referenced by convertToDwg(), and convertToDxf().

def importDWG.insert (   filename,
def (   filename)

References convertToDxf(), and

Variable Documentation

importDWG.pythonopen = open