Points Namespace Reference


class  AscReader
class  AscWriter
struct  CurvatureInfo
 Curvature information. More...
class  Feature
 Base class of all Points feature classes in FreeCAD. More...
class  Module
class  PointKernel
 Point kernel. More...
class  PointsAlgos
 The Points algorithms container class. More...
class  PointsGrid
 The PointsGrid allows to divide a global point cloud into smaller regions of elements depending on the resolution of the grid. More...
class  PointsGridIterator
 The PointsGridIterator class provides an interface to walk through all grid elements of a point grid. More...
class  PointsPy
 The python export class for PointKernel. More...
class  PropertyCurvatureList
 The Curvature property class. More...
class  PropertyGreyValue
 Greyvalue property. More...
class  PropertyGreyValueList
class  PropertyNormalList
class  PropertyPointKernel
 The point kernel property. More...
class  Reader
class  Structured
class  Writer


typedef App::FeatureCustomT< FeatureFeatureCustom
typedef App::FeaturePythonT< FeatureFeaturePython
typedef App::FeatureCustomT< StructuredStructuredCustom


PyObjectinitModule ()

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PyObject * Points::initModule ( )