importZ88Results Namespace Reference


def import_z88_disp (filename, analysis=None, result_name_prefix=None)
def insert (filename, docname)
def open (filename)
def read_z88_disp (z88_disp_input)


bool Debug = False
 pyopen = open

Function Documentation

def importZ88Results.import_z88_disp (   filename,
  analysis = None,
  result_name_prefix = None 
insert a FreeCAD FEM Result object in the ActiveDocument

References FemAnalysis.makeFemAnalysis(), and read_z88_disp().

Referenced by insert(), and FemToolsZ88.FemToolsZ88.load_results_o2().

def importZ88Results.insert (   filename,

References import_z88_disp().

Referenced by open().

def (   filename)

References insert().

def importZ88Results.read_z88_disp (   z88_disp_input)
read a z88 disp file and extract the nodes and elements
z88 Displacment output file is z88o2.txt
works with Z88OS14

pure usage:
import FemToolsZ88
fea = FemToolsZ88.FemToolsZ88()
import importZ88Results
disp_file = '/pathtofile/z88o2.txt'
importZ88Results.import_z88_disp(disp_file , fea.analysis)

The FreeCAD file needs to have an Analysis and an appropiate FEM Mesh

References pyopen.

Referenced by import_z88_disp().

Variable Documentation

bool importZ88Results.Debug = False
importZ88Results.pyopen = open

Referenced by read_z88_disp().