ArchRoof Namespace Reference

The Roof object and tools. More...


def makeRoof (baseobj=None, facenr=0, angles=[45., run=[], idrel=[0, thickness=[50., overhang=[100., name="Roof")

Detailed Description

The Roof object and tools.

This module provides tools to build Roof objects. Roofs are build from a closed contour and a series of slopes.

Function Documentation

def ArchRoof.makeRoof (   baseobj = None,
  facenr = 0,
  angles = [45.,
  run = [],
  idrel = [0,
  thickness = [50.,
  overhang = [100.,
  name = "Roof" 
makeRoof(baseobj,[facenr],[angle],[name]) : Makes a roof based on
a closed wire or an object. You can provide a list of angles, run,
idrel, thickness, overhang for each edges in the wire to define the
roof shape. The default for angle is 45 and the list is
automatically complete to match with number of edges in the wire.
If the base object is a solid the roof take the shape.

References DraftVecUtils.angle(), ArchComponent.Component.computeAreas(), DraftGeomUtils.edg(), DraftGeomUtils.findIntersection(), DraftGeomUtils.findMidpoint(), DraftGeomUtils.findPerpendicular(), DraftGeomUtils.isNull(), DraftGeomUtils.offset(), Draft.QT_TRANSLATE_NOOP(), and DraftVecUtils.removeDoubles().