Additional functionality and GUI tools. More...


 Python workbenches
 Those are workbenches programmed fully in Python.
 C++ workbenches
 Those are workbenches programmed primarily in C++.
 Utility modules
 Modules that provide utility tools to FreeCAD but don't define a workbench.

Detailed Description

Additional functionality and GUI tools.

Those plugins, also called modules or worbenches, provide functionality for specialized facets of FreeCAD. The word module refers to any new group of tools, while workbench designates specifically a GUI group of tools in the FreeCAD interface. All workbenches are defined in modules, but not all modules contain a workbench. Practically, though, all the main modules define a workbench with the same name, so the terms are almost interchangeable.

Some of these modules are programmed in C++, others in Python, and some in a mix of C++ and Python.

Warning: Some are really work-in-progress and are not yet included in the official builds