ArchWall Namespace Reference

The Wall object and tools. More...


def areSameWallTypes (walls)
def joinWalls (walls, delete=False)
def makeWall (baseobj=None, length=None, width=None, height=None, align="Center", face=None, name="Wall")
def mergeShapes (w1, w2)


list Roles = ['Wall','Wall Layer','Beam','Column','Curtain Wall']

Detailed Description

The Wall object and tools.

This module provides tools to build Wall objects. Walls are simple objects, usually vertical, obtained by giving a thickness to a base line, then extruding it vertically.

Function Documentation

def ArchWall.joinWalls (   walls,
  delete = False 
joins the given list of walls into one sketch-based wall. If delete
is True, merged wall objects are deleted

References areSameWallTypes(), Draft.getType(), and Draft.makeSketch().

Referenced by areSameWallTypes().

def ArchWall.makeWall (   baseobj = None,
  length = None,
  width = None,
  height = None,
  align = "Center",
  face = None,
  name = "Wall" 
makeWall([obj],[length],[width],[height],[align],[face],[name]): creates a wall based on the
given object, which can be a sketch, a draft object, a face or a solid, or no object at
all, then you must provide length, width and height. Align can be "Center","Left" or "Right",
face can be an index number of a face in the base object to base the wall on.

References Draft.getType().

Referenced by ArchCommands.removeShape().

def ArchWall.mergeShapes (   w1,

Variable Documentation

list ArchWall.Roles = ['Wall','Wall Layer','Beam','Column','Curtain Wall']