OpenSCAD2Dgeom Namespace Reference


class  Overlappingfaces


def edgestofaces (edges, algo=3, eps=0.001)
def edgestowires (edgelist, eps=0.001)
def endpointdistance (edges)
def endpointdistancedebuglist (debuglist)
def findConnectedEdges (edgelist, eps=1e-6, debug=False)
def fusefaces (faces)
def importDXFface (filename, layer=None, doc=None)
def subtractfaces (faces)
def subtractfaces2 (faces)
def superWireReverse (debuglist, closed=False)

Function Documentation

def OpenSCAD2Dgeom.edgestofaces (   edges,
  algo = 3,
  eps = 0.001 
def OpenSCAD2Dgeom.edgestowires (   edgelist,
  eps = 0.001 
takes list of edges and returns a list of wires

References endpointdistancedebuglist(), findConnectedEdges(), and superWireReverse().

Referenced by edgestofaces().

def OpenSCAD2Dgeom.endpointdistance (   edges)
return the distance of of vertices in path (list of edges) as
maximum, mininum and distance between start and endpoint
it expects the edges to be traversed forward from starting from Vertex 0
def OpenSCAD2Dgeom.endpointdistancedebuglist (   debuglist)
return the distance of of vertices in path (list of edges) as
maximum, mininum and distance between start and endpoint
it it expects a 'not reversed' flag for every edge

Referenced by edgestowires().

def OpenSCAD2Dgeom.findConnectedEdges (   edgelist,
  eps = 1e-6,
  debug = False 
returns a list of list of connected edges

Referenced by edgestowires().

def OpenSCAD2Dgeom.fusefaces (   faces)
def OpenSCAD2Dgeom.importDXFface (   filename,
  layer = None,
  doc = None 
def OpenSCAD2Dgeom.subtractfaces (   faces)
searches for the biggest face and subtracts all smaller ones from the
first. Only makes sense if all faces overlap.

Referenced by edgestofaces(), and subtractfaces2().

def OpenSCAD2Dgeom.subtractfaces2 (   faces)
Sort faces, check if they overlap. Subtract overlapping face and fuse
nonoverlapping groups.

References fusefaces(), and subtractfaces().

Referenced by edgestofaces().

def OpenSCAD2Dgeom.superWireReverse (   debuglist,
  closed = False 
superWireReverse(debuglist,[closed]): forces a wire between edges
that don't necessarily have coincident endpoints. If closed=True, wire
will always be closed. debuglist has a tuple for every edge.The first
entry is the edge, the second is the flag 'does not nedd to be inverted'

References DraftGeomUtils.findMidpoint().

Referenced by edgestowires().