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FreeCAD can be installed on Mac OS X in one step using the Installer.

Mac.png Mac OS X Lion 64-bit

This page describes the usage and features of the FreeCAD installer. It also includes uninstallation instructions. Once installed, you can get started!

Simple Installation

The FreeCAD installer is provided as a Installer package (.mpkg) enclosed in a disk image file.

You can download the latest installer from the Download page. After downloading the file, just mount the disk image, then run the Install FreeCAD package.

Mac installer 1.png

The installer will present you with a Customize Installation screen that lists the packages that will be installed. If you know that you already have any of these packages, you can deselect them using the checkboxes. If you're not sure, just leave all items checked.

Mac installer 2.png


There currently isn't an uninstaller for FreeCAD. To completely remove FreeCAD and all installed components, drag the following files and folders to the Trash:

  • In /Applications:
    • FreeCAD
  • in /Library/Frameworks/
    • SoQt.framework
    • Inventor.framework

Then, from the terminal, run:

sudo /Developer/Tools/
sudo rm -R /usr/local/lib/OCC
sudo rm -R /usr/local/include/OCC

That's it. Eventually, FreeCAD will be available as a self-contained application bundle so all this hassle will go away.

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