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The stairs tool allows you to build automatically several types of stairs. At the moment, only straight stairs (with or without a central landing) are supported. Stairs can be built from scratch, or from a straight line, in which case the stairs follow the line. If the line is not horizontal but has a vertical inclination, the stairs will also follow its slope.

See the Stairs entry in wikipedia for a definition of the different terms used to describe parts of stairs.

Arch Stairs example.jpg

On the above image, two stairs were created, one with a massive structure and a landing, and another one with a single stringer.

How to use

  1. Press the Arch Stairs.png Arch Stairs button, or press S, R keys
  2. Adjust the desired properties. Some parts of the stairs, such as the structure, might not appear immediately, if any of the properties makes it impossible, such as a structure thickness of 0.



  • DATAAlign: The alignment of these stairs on their baseline, if applicable.
  • DATABase: The baseline of these stairs, if any.
  • DATAHeight: The total height of these stairs, if not based on a baseline, or the baseline is horizontal.
  • DATALength: The total length of these stairs if no baseline is defined.
  • DATAWidth: The width of these stairs.


  • DATANosing: The size of the nosing.
  • DATANumber of Steps: The numbers of steps (risers) in these stairs.
  • DATARiser Height: The height of the risers.
  • DATATread Depth: The depth of the treads.
  • DATATread Thickness: The thickness of the treads.


  • DATALandings: The type of landings.
  • DATAStringer Offset: The offset between the border of the stairs and the structure.
  • DATAStringer Width: The width of the stringers.
  • DATAStructure: The type of structure of these stairs.
  • DATAStructure Thickness: The thickness of the structure.
  • DATAWinders: The type of winders.


Stairs can be created from python scripts and macros by using the following function:

makeStairs([base], [length], [width], [height], [steps]) 
  • Creates a stairs object with the given attributes.
  • Returns the new stairs object.


import Arch
makeStairs(length=5, width=1.2, height=3, steps=14) 


  • Not available before FreeCAD version 0.14
  • Only straight stairs are available at the moment
  • See the forum entry for circle stairs.
  • See the forum announcement.

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