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The Arch workbench provides modern BIM workflow to FreeCAD, with support for features like IFC support, fully parametric architectural entities such as walls, structural elements or windows, and rich 2D document production. The Arch workbench also feature all the tools from the Draft Workbench.

Screenshot arch window.jpg


Construction tools

These are tools for creating architectural objects.

  • Arch Wall.png Wall: Creates a wall from scratch or using a selected object as a base
  • Arch Structure.png Structural element: Creates a structural element from scratch or using a selected object as a base
  • Arch Rebar.png Rebar: Creates a reinforcement bar in a selected structural element
  • Arch Floor.png Floor: Creates a floor including selected objects
  • Arch Building.png Building: Creates a building including selected objects
  • Arch Site.png Site: Creates a site including selected objects
  • Arch Window.png Window: Creates a window using a selected object as a base
  • Arch SectionPlane.png Section Plane: Adds a section plane object to the document
  • Arch Axis.png Axes system: Adds an axes system to the document
  • Arch Roof.png Roof: Creates a sloped roof from a selected face
  • Arch Space.png Space: Creates a space object in the document
  • Arch Stairs.png Stairs: Creates a stairs object in the document
  • Arch Panel.png Panel: Creates a panel object from a selected 2D object
  • Arch Frame.png Frame: Creates a frame object from a selected layout
  • Arch Equipment.png Equipment: Creates an equipment or furniture object

Modification tools

These are tools for modifying architectural objects.


These are additional tools to help you in specific tasks.

File formats

  • IFC : Industry foundation Classes (import only)
  • DAE : Collada mesh format
  • OBJ : Obj mesh format (export only)


The Arch module can be used in python scripts and macros using the Arch Python API functions.


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