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0000573FreeCADFeaturepublic2017-03-20 21:46
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Summary0000573: Macro editing FCMacro file - 4 improvements

I have three improvements suggestion that would help people in scripting

1 - auto indent - if the line I'm writting something in has i.e. 6 spaces before first character, when I press enter I go to the next line but at it's beginning. I would like to have 6 spaces automatically added when I press enter in this case.

2 - multi line editing - The easiest way to explain this one is if you open some document in notepad++. then press ALT key and select multiple lines. you will see how it selects in a row+column like way. Also, when you have stuff selected this way, writting anything will add those characters to all those selected lines.

3 - code completition and a list that appears after you press '.' - like the one in python console

4 - Find and replace text
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related to 0002485 closedmandeep7 Checkboxes "Line numbers" and "Folding" in editor preferences, not working 


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oh, another one - Find and replace text
2017-02-02 01:10Kunda1SummaryMacro editing FCMacro file - 3 improvements => Macro editing FCMacro file - 4 improvements
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Reminder sent to: mandeep7

Do you have any interest working on these features at all ?
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2017-02-02 01:10 Kunda1 Summary Macro editing FCMacro file - 3 improvements => Macro editing FCMacro file - 4 improvements
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