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0002157PartDesignBugpublic2017-04-28 02:10
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Summary0002157: Pad results in a triangle instead of a trapezoid
DescriptionIn the sttached file there are two sketches, the hidden sketch contains the profile of a trapezoid with a redundant constraint. Extruding the aforementioned sketch before or after rmeoving the redundant constraint results in a triangle instead of the desired shape.

gdb, Python console and Report View fail to report any problem.
Steps To ReproduceMode 1:

Open the file.
Select the hidden Sketch and toggle its visibility.
Observe the trapezoid shape.
Pad it an arbitrary distance.

Mode 2:
Open the file.
Select the hidden Sketch and toggle its visibility.
Edit the sketch to remove the redundant constraint and exit it.
Observe the trapezoid shape.
Pad it an arbitrary distance.
Additional InformationRelate issue: 0002156
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related to 0002156 new Sketcher Visualization fails to represent sketch properly 


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2017-04-28 02:09

manager   ~0008788

@NormandC wrote:
The sketch contains one line too many. This is shown in the Elements list widget, which may not have existed back in 2015. Delete the 5th line and the pad works correctly.

Therefore I'm not sure this is a valid bug. I don't know if it's realistic for the PartDesign tools to check for redundant geometry in the sketch before executing the 3D feature. If that was, the report would need to be rewritten.


2017-04-28 02:10

manager   ~0008789

@wmayer can you weigh on this ticket?

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