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0001978FreeCAD[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-03-20 21:21
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Summary0001978: App::PropertySpeed needs units extended
DescriptionWe are working on the Path (CAM) workbench and have tried to use PropertySpeed for our toolpath feedrate (velocity of the tool through the work). We have just implemented FreeCAD.Units in it and have noticed that the PropertySpeed can be set for mm/(s) but would like to have it extended to also have imperial units (inches/minute), meters/min, and mm/minute.
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2015-02-22 18:05danielfalckNew Issue
2015-02-22 18:06danielfalckTag Attached: PropertySpeed
2015-02-22 18:06danielfalckTag Attached: units
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2017-03-20 21:21Kunda1ProjectPath => FreeCAD

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2015-02-22 18:05 danielfalck New Issue
2015-02-22 18:06 danielfalck Tag Attached: PropertySpeed
2015-02-22 18:06 danielfalck Tag Attached: units
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