Scheduled For Release 2017-05-31
0002923: [Bug] Python console history misbehaves with word-wrapped lines
0002924: [Bug] Word wrap misbehaves in Python console when typed text inserted mid-line
0002908: [Bug] stp file import name mismatch
0002931: [Bug] Box select misbehaves with touchpad navigation style
0002562: [Feature] Add Skew/Shear Angle to ShapeString
0002676: [Bug] Differences in python API depending on OCC version
0002677: [Feature] Extend TopoShape API with topology traversing functionality
0002542: [Bug] Part.Wire.makeoffset() doesn't handle circles correctly. (sliptonic)
0002986: [Bug] Port from Qt4 to Qt5 (Ongoing)
       0002952: [Bug] Save Image... results in all-black image file when FreeCAD is built with Qt 5
0002926: [Bug] Trying to access Part.Shape.children() before doc.recompute() crashes the whole program
0002985: [Bug] Part.makeFilledFace is crashing FreeCAD
0002564: [Bug] Crash in refine shape
0002963: [Bug] Opening the preferences-dialog leads to crash
0002602: [Bug] New SubList property Py API messes up the order of linked elements
0002034: [Bug] Measurement arrowheads are ridiculously out of proportion at some scales/zooms/measurements.
0002493: [Bug] [0.16] crash when adding slot
0002984: [Bug] Update the debian folder in FreeCAD (sgrogan)
0002738: [Feature] Provide Hash source installation (sgrogan)
0002624: [Bug] Draft Patterns Not Installed (sgrogan)
0002951: [Feature] Include Graphviz in FreeCAD application bundle (blacey)
0000122: [Feature] Part reference element (Jriegel)
0002722: [Bug] Attached cube doesn't follow support (DeepSOIC)
0002721: [Bug] Face order instability with Part Extrude and friends (DeepSOIC)
0002700: [Bug] Part Offset2D fill offset problems (DeepSOIC)
0002914: [Bug] Spelling mistakes in 0.17 (Kunda1)
0002933: [Bug] Blue drawing hints not scaled properly in Qt 5
0002271: [Bug] FreeCAD documentation can't be loaded on Debian/Ubuntu (sgrogan)
0002886: [Bug] loads libraries from /usr/local/ if they exist (blacey)
0002897: [Bug] OpenGL methods have been deprecated starting in MacOSX 10.9 (vejmarie)
0002928: [Feature] Re-factor macOS bundle to deprecate <bundle>/bin in favor of <bundle>/MacOS (wmayer)
0002919: [Bug] FEM Workbench crashes during activation when using VTK 7.1 with Python bindings (yorik)
0002920: [Bug] FreeCAD is not using the high-resolution application icon on HiDPI displays (blacey)
0002901: [Bug] Regression: Progress bar doesn't work (vejmarie)
0002867: [Bug] AttachExtension crash (wmayer)
0002801: [Bug] F11 enters fullscreen, but does not exit (should behave as toggle) (wmayer)
0002524: [Feature] Make property docstrings translatable (yorik)
0002728: [Bug] Memory leak in Part.Vertex.Point (yorik)
0002707: [Bug] Seam/Smooth Hidden Lines (yorik)
0002720: [Bug] Scripts that use Part Extrude are broken (DeepSOIC)
0002699: [Bug] Part Offset2D makes direction of Extrude unstable (DeepSOIC)
0002630: [Bug] Dimension lines in TechDraw display fine, but print very thick (wandererfan)
0002627: [Bug] Dimensions in TechDraw show mm value when imperial selected (wandererfan)
0002628: [Feature] Quantity::getUserString Fixed Precision (wandererfan)
0002554: [Bug] Py Quantity Constructor Angles (wmayer)
0002539: [Feature] Add credits in About dialog (yorik)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-05-31
0002103: [Bug] Arch: Dimensions jumping by 10e3 on german localization
0002543: [Feature] Implement GBXML export (yorik)
0002575: [Feature] Export 2D geometry to IFC (yorik)
0002555: [Feature] Support for IfcGroups (yorik)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-05-31
0002532: [Bug] Draft line not working if document closed while tool is open
0002792: [Bug] Negative distances measured in feet/inch calculated incorrectly
0002566: [Feature] Make Draft grid size changeable on-the-fly (yorik)
0002557: [Feature] Allow to scale imported DXF files (yorik)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-05-31
0002096: [Bug] fillet at a cylinder not displayed in the drawing workbench
0002629: [Merge request] Merge Drawing_dimensioning into Drawing (yorik)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-05-31
0002988: [Bug] Netgen and GMSH FEM mesh creation buttons don't clean up on error or cancel
0002981: [Feature] FEM ConstraintForce should display units
0002080: [Bug] Attempt to remove FEM analysis result (displacement & stress) results in false warning
0002917: [Feature] Object Relabeling is not taken into account in the Calculix input file (berndhahnebach)
0002617: [Bug] MED mesh export is broken (vejmarie)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-05-31
0002862: [Bug] Check for shape type before using selection as base feature
0002511: [Bug] Failing adding xy-datum-plane in example-cylinder
0002842: [Bug] Crash on "Face from Edges"
0002745: [Bug] The Disappearing Grid
0002561: [Bug] SIGSEGV while moving an entity from a body to an other one
0002642: [Bug] Can't open saved file (undiscovered bug/s from PDN?)
0002567: [Bug] Cyclic dependency of containers leads to crash (ickby)
0002682: [Bug] constraint to external datum plane disappear after saving a file, or re-opening a sketch (jnxd)
0002941: [Feature] Part Design NEXT Polar array does not allow to select a datum line as reference (DeepSOIC)
0002859: [Bug] unable to use datum plane as external reference (DeepSOIC)
0002964: [Bug] PartDesign Datum geometry invisible in 3D view if no geometry present in Body (yorik)
0002504: [Bug] Crash in pad function after undoing some operations (ickby)
0002741: [Bug] Crashes when drawing tutorial
0002533: [Bug] Loft works even with no active body (ickby)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-05-31
0002979: [General] Frequent crashes after deleting objects in the tree
0002883: [Bug] Contour produces wrong path depending on direction (CW vs. CCW)
0002606: [Feature] need an R to IJ conversion function for preprocessors
0002861: [Bug] Contour operation produces wrong path if top face has pockets on an edge
0002853: [Bug] Profile based on Edges adds same edge multiple times to Base object list
0002840: [Feature] Dragknife dressup needs editor and preferences
0002839: [Feature] Dogbone dressup needs visualisation and preferences
0002830: [Bug] Helical Bore operation minor improvements
0002812: [Feature] Dressup to remap gcode based on probe data.
0002752: [Feature] Entry method dressup
0002916: [Patch] Add knife align up function to locate knife at begining cut precisely
0002890: [Bug] User units needed for feedrate
0002975: [Bug] Holding tags introduces wrong path segments (mlampert)
0002974: [Feature] Holding tags dressup support for ArchPanela (mlampert)
0002970: [Bug] Make output precision a user preference (sliptonic)
0002885: [Bug] Dressups drop feedrate from commands (mlampert)
0002851: [Bug] adding additional objects to drilling operation results in duplicate entries. (sliptonic)
0002813: [Feature] Dressup to map linear axis data to rotary axis (gcode wrap) (sliptonic)
0002799: [Bug] Contour doesn't automatically update if base object moves (sliptonic)
0002786: [Bug] Path.fromShape() doesn't produce correct path (yorik)
0002937: [Bug] Holding tags dressup creates wrong arcs (mlampert)
0002875: [Bug] allow loop selection to work while editing 'profile from edges' operation (sliptonic)
0002903: [Bug] Path Viewprovider needs to handle arc planes correctly. (sliptonic)
0002848: [Bug] HoldingTags dressup should not approximate all arcs with segments (mlampert)
0002484: [Bug] Empty Paths not correctly rendered (yorik)
0002817: [Bug] bug if post processor preferences inconsistent with macro directory
0002870: [Bug] Path unit tests broken by questionable include and not being executed as part of '0' (mlampert)
0002854: [Bug] Exception "global name 'set_good_start_point' is not defined" thrown on Profile operation (mlampert)
0002865: [Bug] holding tag position indicators at wrong height (mlampert)
0002829: [Bug] Remove scipy as dependency for helical hole clearing
0002855: [Bug] Contour operation always goes to z=0 (sliptonic)
0002856: [Bug] Contour operation fails if multiple jobs present in file (mlampert)
0002751: [Feature] Holding tab dressup (mlampert)
0002664: [Bug] created tool object is invalid on first access (mlampert)
0002825: [Bug] Path view provider arc approximation too coarse for wide arcs (mlampert)
0002770: [Bug] Profile names wrong on startup (mlampert)
0002809: [Bug] Path visualisation of helixes is incorrect (mlampert)
0002787: [Feature] Need Path to Wire transformation (mlampert)
0002789: [Bug] G-code export via File menu broken (mlampert)
0002623: [Feature] Add Jog speed to tool control (sliptonic)
0002622: [Feature] Add Dwell time parameter to drilling cycles (sliptonic)
0002611: [Feature] Allow engrave operation to act on imported SVG geometry. (sliptonic)
0002605: [Feature] Support for G90.1 / G91.1 codes (yorik)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-05-31
0002710: [Bug] Freecad doesn't show sketch elements added when overconstrained
0002836: [Bug] Crash in sketcher
0002299: [Bug] Ground face of sketch for padding can be invalid
0002797: [Bug] Slots may explode when applying coindicences with symmetric points
0002735: [Bug] Incorrect angle remains on deletion
0002804: [Bug] Mirroring sketches misses some constraints (abdullah)
0002994: [Bug] Validate Sketch's missing coincidence tool finds false positives (wmayer)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-05-31
0002967: [Feature] Automatically opening of drawing - switch needed
0002929: [Bug] GeomHatch doesn't draw lines from an absolute position (wandererfan)
0002888: [Bug] crash on deleting view (wandererfan)
0002889: [Bug] Frame Toggle Button Inactive (wandererfan)
0002884: [Bug] Crash on Delete Page with No Template (wandererfan)
0002692: [Bug] TechDraw/NewProjectionGroup: Projection is created even though Cancel is pressed (wandererfan)
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